12 Health Benefits of Melon

Melon or Cantaloupe is more than just a cool summer snack! Besides its cooling and soothing effects, melon is a nutritious punch offering a variety of health benefits. Melons might just be the best fruits for the summer season.

1. Anti- Cancer:

Melons are packed with high content of carotenoids which can prevent cancer and lower the risk of lung cancer. Eating melons regularly is effective in preventing and killing the cancer seeds that invade your body. So incorporate melons in your diet to prevent this deadly disease.

2. Promotes Heart Health:

An anticoagulant called adenosine present in melon fruit can stop the clotting of blood cells which causes stroke or heart disease. Melons lower the risk of heart disease by smoothing the blood in the body. Besides, the high content of water in melon provides a soothing effect which helps relieve heartburn. Continue reading “12 Health Benefits of Melon”