Juan, the Student

There was once a poor couple who lived happily in a quiet place. They had one son, named Juan, whom at first they loved very much; but afterwards, either because their extreme poverty made it difficult for them to support him, or because of his wickedness and waywardness, they began to hate him, and made plans to kill him. Continue reading “Juan, the Student”

Juan Tamad Series Part 1: Juan Gathers Guavas

The guavas were ripe, and Juan’s father sent him to gather enough for the family and for the neighbors who came to visit them. Juan went to the guava bushes and ate all that he could hold. Then he began to look around for mischief.

photo from http://sayangtist.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/

He soon found a wasp nest and managed to get it into a tight basket. He gave it to his father as soon as he reached home, and then closed the door and fastened it. Continue reading “Juan Tamad Series Part 1: Juan Gathers Guavas”