How Jackyo Became Rich

A long time ago there was a young man whose name was Jackyo. He was very poor, and by his daily labor could earn barely enough for his food and nothing at all for his clothes. He had a little farm at some distance from the village in which he lived, and on it raised a few poor crops.

One pleasant afternoon Jackyo started off to visit his farm. It was late when he reached it, and after he had finished inspecting his crops, he turned back homewards. But the bright day had gone and the sun had set. Night came on quickly, and the way was dark and lonely.
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The Story of the First Durian (The Hermit’s Three Wishes)

Barom-Mai was an old and ugly king who lived in a kingdom called Calinan in the Visayas hundreds of years ago. Although he was powerful, he was helpless when it came to winning the love of his young bride, Madayaw-Bayho (daughter of Tageb, king of the pirates). Continue reading “The Story of the First Durian (The Hermit’s Three Wishes)”


When the goddess of the eastern sky Alunsina (also known as Laun Sina, “The Unmarried One”) reached maidenhood, the king of the gods, Kaptan, decreed that she should marry. All the unmarried gods of the different domains of the universe tried to win her hand to no avail. She chose to marry a mortal, Datu Paubari, the mighty ruler of Halawod.
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Si Amomongo at si Iput-Iput


(Ang Gorilya at ang Alitaptap)

Ang pabulang ito ay isa lamang sa kalipunan ng mga Bisaya na naglalarawan ng paglalaban sa pagitan ng maliliit na insekto at malalaking hayop.
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